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CGI Prayer Connect
May 2013

CGI Prayer Connect  May 2013
Ephesians 6: 6b-7: “As slaves of Christ, do the will
of God will all your heart. Work with enthusiasm, as
though you were working for the Lord rather than for
In a culture centred around the stiff upper lip, the classic “British
reserve” and sarcastic humour, it can often be hard to see where
enthusiasm fits in. As a worship leader, I have to confess that at
some gatherings it is tempting to look at the sea of stony faces
and wonder and whether enthusiasm is a long-forgotten attribute
reserved for biblical times alone!
Let’s face it, enthusiasm definitely goes against the grain. Yet,
it is a kingdom value – one that inspires, draws and gathers
momentum. It sets us apart from the culture we live in. If we are
not enthusiastic about what we are doing, how can we expect our
people to be inspired, let alone the community that we are trying to
To fuel our prayer for CGi this month, we wanted to share some
thoughts and insights about enthusiasm and how it can underpin
who we are and what we invest in. Let’s pray these over the
individuals, churches and ministry areas that make up CGi.
1) Enthusiasm and whole-heartedness are inextricably linked
“Do the will of God with all your heart” It is impossible to be
enthusiastic if you are half-hearted about something. Enthusiasm
can’t be manufactured, it flows from the heart. When we are
whole-hearted about what we are doing, we will inherently be
Pray for whole-heartedness across the leaders, churches and
ministry areas across CGi. Pray that we would be a network of
people & churches that holds nothing back and does the will
of God with all our heart.
2) Enthusiasm is contagious
Spending time with an enthusiastic person uplifts and encourages
you. Their passion rubs off! It is hard to be around an enthusiastic
person and not get swept up into their tide of excitement.
Pray that our enthusiasm for God and His kingdom purposes
would spread like wildfire. Pray that as we do God’s work with
enthusiasm, it will inspire, gather and mobilize our churches
and impact those in our communities.
3) Enthusiasm breeds expectancy
When you are excited and passionate about something, you
automatically raise your faith and expectation levels. You approach
it with hope and confidence, rather than apathy or cynicism.
Pray for a fresh sense of expectancy across the CGi
churches, that our faith levels will rise. Where we have lost
enthusiasm and lowered our expectations, ask God to re-
ignite our passion and fill us with fresh vision, hope and faith.
4) Enthusiasm makes commitment easy
If you are fired up about something, it doesn’t feel hard to commit
your time, effort and resources to it. Enthusiastic people are the
ones who arrive early, hang around until the end and happily
invest their lives into the thing they are fired up about.
Pray that across our churches, God would raise up mighty
men and women who are filled with enthusiasm and not afraid
to commit and devote themselves to serving God where they
5) Enthusiasm for God and not for people
“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the
Lord rather than for people.” If our work is aimed at people,
we will eventually lose enthusiasm. It is impossible to please
everyone all of the time! But if our work is aimed at God, then our
enthusiasm won’t wane, even when others aren’t happy with what
we are doing or are slower to come alongside us. Fear of man is a
massive enthusiasm killer!
Pray that the work we undertake across CGi would be
motivated & inspired by God and not people, even though it
is ultimately people that we want to be touched, transformed
and impacted by what we do. Pray that God would be at the
centre of our work and come against the fear of man that
could distract or deter us from our kingdom mandate.
Nicki Sims, on behalf of the CGI team

Vicki Parr, 29/04/2013